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it came out of the wordwork

On second thought
I've been considering my experience PortConMaine last weekend. It was a learning experience, and that (I'm told) is always useful, and even profitable. On the other hand, I'm fairly sure the convention was not "profitable" in the sense of being able to point to immediate sales of books, chapbooks, and the like. But onward.

My experience with science fiction conventions extends around 30 years. In those 30 years I've had some years with no conventions at all, and other years where I hit 20 or more conventions. Along the way I've attended as everything from a member to a guest of honor, with stints as artshow director and assistant, PR assistant, fan panelist, writer panelist, library guest, artshow runner, art agent, children's program, huckster/dealer/vendor, gofer/gopher, security assistant, party-thrower, and there were many times where roles overlapped.

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Meanwhile, and speaking of science fiction conventions, we discover that the Friends of Liad have been successful in their bid to secure a suite for Noreascon. In the last few years the Friends have thrown parties at more than a dozen conventions, including Bucconneer and every US worldcon since.

I'm not sure if we know which floor the Liaden Lounge will be on, apparently though they'll have a view of Fenway and a view of the Charles River....


In the past the Liaden Lounge has been "borrowed" for party nights by several of our publishers -- Embiid and Meisha Merlin -- and who knows what might be arranged this year?