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it came out of the wordwork

PortConMaine and nearly random stuff
Going to a new convention today -- PortConMaine, in South Portland. Tonight we have a reading and then I'll lead a discussion about book reviewing, tomorrow we have a writing panel and a stint in the dealer's room.

When we can we like to stay for an entire convention, but since I missed the at-site room reservation deadline (kept meaning to get to it, kept waiting for the check that would let me do it)we're staying off-site tonight and could even come home to feed the cats, I guess.

This morning I'm finishing up the latest issue of the Liaden Universe Pinbeam Quarterly, and will have time to print about 70 copies to take to the con. I think that'll hold us, especially since we're simply guests and not GoH this time around. They've got a couple hundred pre-registered members and are wondering if they'll hit the 1000 member cut off. Good luck to the committee, in advance...

We're halfway through the month -- too soon to see if Balance of Trade makes the Locus bestseller list for a second time. Having it reach the first time was a surprise, given the advertising delays and miscues it experienced. We'll cross-fingers and toes on a return listing and hope for some after-the-fact mentions in some regional and state library media.

Last night I added about 1100 words to the work in progress, finishing Chapter One. Things'll go slow today and tomorrow; hope to get Chapter 2 underway this weekend though. I'd have started this morning, but I needed to get some photos in for the PBQ and I need to pack some SRM Publisher orders before we leave town.

With some help and fact-checking
The Pinbeam newsletter is done and being printed on the contraption behind me -- it whistles, grinds, groans, clacks, and goes "whir" just like a good far future printer ought. It also prints nice color, so I shouldn't complain too much, I suppose.

Debbie Matsuura was kind enough to send me some last minute photo files -- one of her photos will be on the front of Vol 3,#1 of PBQ. Along the way I found myself fact checking info at a number of websites -- old habit -- yes, BoT is #8 on the Locus list for June (though announced in May), no, the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards has not updated their page yet to show a short list -- so "This House" is still a nominee in the running there.

It's official -- since we've already made the mailrun today any SRM Publisher order you make this weekend will not go out until Monday or even Tuesday. Sorry about that.

Now, after chicken lasagna for lunch, it's off to the convention. Who knows, we might see someone *you* know there.