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it came out of the wordwork

Paid to read?

Well, not this time. Now I'm doing research.

Last book I finished reading was Tunnel in The Sky. Currently reading Starman Jones, which I should finish today before I work on today's installment of the the new novel. Chapter One may actually get done today.

Next read, the Belgariad; likely done by Sunday or Monday, if not sooner. After that, a Laura Hamilton. The Heinlein books (I've also got Red Plant around here, and will see if I can find Farmer in the Sky while I'm at it) are all rereads, but the Hamilton and the Eddings I haven't read before.

Odd how that works, BTW. The "Get Paid to Read" ads have never interested me, since I've been getting paid to read off-and-on since forever, or for about 35 years, which is close enough. Part of the fine print is that it's not always possible to get paid to read what you want to read. Worse, sometimes you're paid to read something you're anticipating wanting to read and when you're done you find that if you hadn't been paid, you wouldn't have finished.

I started being paid in copies for book reviews; that worked up to cash and copies for books, and cash and records (and even concerts) for music. Eventually I was getting $100.00 and a book when I was reviewing for the Baltimore Sun. Later still, some work for SFBC. Get paid to read. Wonder why someone bought this, wonder why anyone would want to read it, take great joy in the winners. At the Sun I had to read Mists of Avalon (still have that First Edition and think I may put it up on Ebay)and Battlefield Earth within a month or two of each other.. wow, what a difference!

And along the way, editing newspapers and helping out with small poetry magazine and even time spent doing PR for North Country Press, all these got me paid to read, as did the library jobs -- Curator of Science Fiction, Children's Librarian and etc. Then, of course, editing Low Port -- read a couple million words to accept about 100,000.

Be careful what you wish for. Because after you've been paid to read something you'll usually also be expected to evaluate it, or use it. Or you'll have to buy it and let someone else wonder what in the world you could have been thinking of.