May 9th, 2004


Slowly I turn...

Well then, someone must have said "Niagara Falls".

Here in SRM Publisher central -- that'd be the nice cool downstairs -- I have a week or two worth of re-working to do to make the office comfortable for two. I'd originally set it up as a part-time auxilary of my workspace; SRM stuff here, Lee and Miller stuff in my original office upstairs.

In the way of things, some days when I'm busy with L&M stuff, though, it's Sharon who comes down and prepares the orders... and thus things need to be changed and moved.

This isn't entirely because we have different ideas of how offices should look (which we do!) but because Sharon's semi-left handed and I'm semi-right handed. And because Sharon's shoulder limits her ability to move boxes around in search of that one last chapbook....

Too, the original arrangement here took into consideration Kodi's particular limitations. Kodi was a small cat, and blind, and some of the boxes were stacked for her convenience so she could get into the wonderfully warm back window -- a window that was her favorite spot when the rest of the house was cold. She's gone, but the intricate steps and ladders .... old hassock to old desk to top of the barstool (that was part of my final "paycheck" from Video Magic in the 1980s), and a hard left to the sill... or by turning right part of the way up, to to the mirrored wall which stays cool, cool, cool even in the summer.

Mozart, Max, Patia, and Scrabble have no need of hardwired ways into the window in the basement, so the boxes can be rearranged for our convenience.

This is not and idle, pass-the-time kind of a rearranging: since much of our income right now derives from SRM Publisher we need to be able to move and work efficiently here.

More later; now to make a phone call accepting a convention invitation for next year.