April 23rd, 2004


I'll get here eventually

Today, we're kicking tires, testing colors, trying on moods.

Already got one mood tried out pretty well -- and that's the mood that has me here as Kinzel. A fairly well-known alias is Kinzel...got history. I suspect I've been using Kinzel online for... how many years is it? Going on twenty, I suppose, since I first logged on to a BBS and needed a handle... and Kinzel came to mind and fingers pretty easily, since that particular BBS had a rule which was -- no real names.

In a way I had an unfair advantage over some of the others on the BBS, since I was already used to creating character on the fly, already willing to build a persona and litter a background with true-lies. Why unfair advantage? Because some of the early BBS folks spent so much time building their persona. became so invested in that persona, that they couldn't comfortably get out of it. I recall a BBS get together, where all of the sudden Ladyhawke and The Stranger and KC and Ambug (also known as Ambush Bug) and Silver Bullet, and ... well, quite a crew of misfit, semi-fit, and even unfit folks met. Later some of them volunteered, and came to our (no lie humble, 968 square feet in a place one step up from the projects) abode to help fold, staple, and multiply Kinzel's presence in the world.

Anyhow, this is here. I'm here, whoever I am today.