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Amid the beauty, danger
This is the time of the year in Maine where danger lurks.

Yep! Right there on the side to the road, someone with a gun, waiting to kill things. I've seen people ilelgally sitting in trucks with rifles, waiting to plunk a deer, a turkey, a whatever... they have to move so far off the verge to take that shot, but many don't. Every year we hear of the boy who accidentally shoots his father, the son injured birdhinting with Mom, the twin who shots his other.

Likewise hidden on the side of the road may stand a moose, a deer, a flock of turkeys, a fox, a squirrel, a chipmunk, all hankering to dash instantaneously across the street in front of you. or to charge you head on, simply because you're there, now.

Coming to Maine to look at leaves? Be verryy veryyy careful, yessir. A lot of the roads have no guardrails, and a lot of the guardrails are ancient and semi-functional. Just because you breezed around Boston at 82 miles an hour in traffic doesn't mean Rt. 1, Rt 2, or 104, or even I-95/295 is up to that speed. The other thing? Leaves don't have to be damp to be as treacherous as ice, srsly.

I'm overdoing it? Maybe not. And oh, yeah, please please don't ride bikes on our picturesque back roads by yourself, or in a carefree manner with a bunch of friends out on a lark.  I can tell you about the time our kitchen was full of cyclists that were knocked off the road by a Christmas Tree and Greens truck. I hate blood in my kitchen.

Thank you.  This message has been brought to you by the sudden sound of truck horn and car horns and squealing wheels on the far side of our property, on the other side of the gore. Close enough to hear the metal go crunch.

Back to pretty now.

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